SD5 Environmental services

Environmental services

Villagers hail community-based monitoring system on environmental services

Wamena (22/02)-To ensure participation by civil society groups in monitoring land-use plans for low-emissions development in Papua

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Community-based monitoring system on environmental services
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Local communities were trained to document environmental services in each ParCiMon test village using simple methods

2014 Gender differences in land-use decisions: shaping multifunctional landscapes? Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 6:128-133

Villamor, G.B. van Noordwijk, M. Djanibekov, U. Chiong-Javier, M.E. Catacutan, D.

(VIDEOS) The Landscape Approach: What are ICRAF scientists saying?

The landscape approach attempts to address climate change while sustainably meeting food security goals.

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The Landscape Approach: What are ICRAF scientists saying?
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At the World Agroforestry Centre’s annual science week, held in September 2013, several centre scientists presented their views about the landscapes approach. Watch the video’s here:

2013 Participatory analysis of vulnerability and adaptation to climate change: a methodological guide for working a methodological guide for working with rural communities. ICRAF Occasional paper no. 19 - English version Nairobi: World Agroforestry

Boureima, M. Abasse, A.T. Sotelo Montes, C. Weber, J.C. Katkoré, B. Mounkoro, B. Dakouo, J-M. Samaké, O. Sigué, H. Bationo, B.A. Diallo, B.O.
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Indonesia Perlu Mempercepat Penetapan Peraturan Pelaksana Guna Memperluas Penerapan Skema Pembayaran dan Imbal Jasa Lingkungan

Enggar Paramita

Bali (26 Agustus 2013) –  Pemerintah Indonesia perlu mempercepat penetapan kebijakan dan regulasi yang akan memperluas penerapan skema Pembayar

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